The ESG Benchmark for Real Assets

Buildings Alive

Buildings Alive works with many of the world’s leading real estate owners and operators to ensure their assets are optimized for energy and environmental performance and deliver superior comfort and well-being to occupants. They are active throughout Australia, North America and Europe.

Their clients are results-focused and benefit from a unique program that integrates advanced data-, behavioral- and building-science to provide three core benefits:

1) expose and quantify each building’s improvement “potential”, starting at the fine-grained level within each asset and rolling up to the portfolio as a whole;

2) identify what zero- and very low-cost changes should be made to achieve each building’s efficiency potential; and

3) inform the continuous improvement process with our highly actionable automated feedback and analytics – customized to the needs of the various audiences within the client organization.

Buildings Alive’s technology is supported by a team of multi-disciplined engineers who engage with operations personnel to build their motivation and capacity for implementing performance improvements. The value equation is quite simple: clients achieve a cash flow positive outcome (typically many times greater than the fee) by implementing zero- and low-cost tuning improvements to their buildings’ plant and equipment informed by clear, timely, feedback enhanced through human-to-human engagement and support.

The unique combination of advanced machine learning technology and unlimited personalized engineering support helps facilitate rapid savings, encourages the implementation of more incremental and complex improvements over time, and means that performance continues to improve over the longer-term.


Craig Roussac, CEO & Founder


  • Energy & Emissions
  • Water


  • Europe
  • Oceania